• Keeping up with block supports

    One of the trickier things I’ve found in my experiments is finding out what is supported or not in various blocks. I tried to solve that a little for myself by creating a very rough table going through the block.json file of each block.

    Block.json is an amazing file, it’s the recipe for the block, and in it, you can see everything easily that is supported. For example, it shows where the experimental font treatments are or layout. I will share this page, however, this is just a resource created as I discover myself. It is not meant to replace actually looking in the block.json or knowing the blocks yourself.

    In addition, I decided to pull out some of the theme.json terms that turn on/off the support features. So it is a useful resource for me going forward, and perhaps someone else might find it useful. This section is not complete, yet so please consider that a work in progress.


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