• Strike while the fear is low

    Today I happened to be taking a tea break and saw a post in Slack by Cory Miller sharing a challenge he’s embarking on of 30 days clicking publish. I paused; I found myself wanting to click away, but for some reason, I wasn’t able to, and I found myself in this editor writing this post.

    I’ve slowly been getting back to writing again after falling somewhat away from the very thing that started me on this WordPress adventure – blogging. It’s been incredible to start discovering that again. This is the nudge I need, so I am taking it with both hands.

    I have no plans, but I do want to continue the pace I have writing around the new theme space. I also have so many posts and ideas that I have postponed because of ‘what ifs’.. well, I have no excuse because if I am committing to 30 days of writing, I need material!

    All too often, we stop because of assumed fear, but that means we might miss out on something awesome – there are enough barriers without becoming one for ourselves. There’s been so much that happened lately I personally want to miss out on less so here goes!


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